Know and Grow Yourself with Thought-Provoking Questions

Increase your Self-awareness and Fast-track your Personal Growth

A 6 in 1 journal app with tools to increase knowledge of self and helps you achieve your goals

Quality Questions Create a Quality Life for those who dare to pursue excellence!


1. 365+ questions with 9 question types

2. Personal Journal to save and edit your answers

3. Daily Question to show gratitude and check your well-being

4. To-do list to save your ideas and action steps

5. Habit tracker to develop new habits and ways of being

6. Mantras daily questions to check your well-being and life hack ideas.

Quality Questions Create a Quality Life

Overstand you is a journal app to help you learn more about yourself. In the world we live in today, many people are interested in personal growth using self-inquiry to know and grow themselves, as change on the inside, enables change on the outside. If you are serious about personal development this is the app for you.

To overstand is to fully comprehend something and we encourage you to use the questions and tools to overstand yourself. Ask yourself questions asked by the best life coaches and mentors. Invest in you and your future for an amazing price!

HELPING YOU TO EXPLORE DIFFERENT AREAS OF YOUR LIFE. - 9 different question types and you can add your own

Which areas of your life do you need to work on the most? Where are you facing the most challenges? Choose from a list of thought-provoking questions to help you gain a thorough under/overstanding of yourself. If you are use to writing journals, recording your goals or ideas, Overstand You helps you to keep your ideas all in one place.

If you are inspired by quotes, check the 'Learn From' question types, which use quotes to help you develop and record your ideas. Motivational quotes can teach us a lot about life and we can learn from those who have shared their thoughts.

SAVES YOU HAVING MULTIPLE JOURNALS, APPS AND DIFFERENT PIECES OF PAPER - Capture your ideas in one place that you can have instant access to.

This easy to use app, enables you to answer questions that will be saved to your multi-purpose personal journal, which you can edit and review at anytime. Change the header and personal image using pictures from your gallery and add ‘profile’ type information that expresses who you are and what you stand for.

Your journal is personal to you and can't be seen by anyone else. You can share answers via various methods and delete any entries and start over.

Overstand You is about ...

-Knowing yourself through self-enquiry using the power of questions.

-Creating yourself pro-actively, as a result of your choices, decisions and actions.

6 Apps in 1

Saving Time and Money

Use one app rather than several using the to do list; habit tracker, mantras, questions, journal etc.

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Questions for Change

"The power to question is the basis of all human progress."

Indria Ganhdi

"Nothing shapes our journey through life so much as the questions we ask.

Greg Levoy

Daily Questions

Record what you are grateful for each day and how you are feeling in terms of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Life Hack Ideas

Life Hack Ideas to help you grow and learn new ways to develop yourself, with links to inspirational articles and personal development tips.

Your Journal

Save your answers to your personal journal that you can edit and share content with others. View your daily responses. All data is encrytped so only you can see your answers.

Daily Mantras

Choose a mantra to help motivate you each day. Repeat your mantra several times a day to help keep you focused, affirming what you desire.

Habit Streaks

Personal growth requires the development of new habits. Choose a habit and monitor your progress. See how long you can committ!

To Do


Create a list of actions that will help you make progress and assist you with creating the life you would like to experience.


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