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Know and Grow Yourself!
Digital Journal + Planner

This is the year to get things done and to start focusing on what your truly desire.  Create a personal vision and mission; goals; action steps; track your habits and much more!

*You will need a PDF editor to use it.  We recommend Goodnotes (tablet) or SmallPDF (desktop)

Areas Covered

Wheel of Life Review

Review and rate how things are in several areas of life.

Hyperlinked pages

Move through the pages by clicking on the links

Goal Setting

Choose the goals you want to work on and achieve.

Track Your Habits

Keep an eye on the things you want to improve or change

Daily Gratitude

Appreciate and give thanks for the things that are going well,

Questions & Answers

Copy questions in the journal and record your personal answers

Journal + Planner

Prioritise, create action steps and track your habits

Daily Pages

Use it on a daily basis to keep on track and up to date

Set & Track Your Goals

Write down your the goals you want to achieve.

Review Your Life

Rate yourself on a scale of 0 to 10 based on each area of life.  

Monthly, Weekly & Daily

Take charge of your life and keep an eye on what is important!

Increase Your Self-awareness

Increase your self awareness by writing down questions that will help to increase your self-awareness.

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Founder & Creator

I created Overstand You in 2018, to share tools and resources to assist you to increase self-awareness and personal growth.  I use this journal and planner on a daily basis and decided to share the tools and questions I use that help me to win on a daily basis.

Dionne Jude

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  • Weekly journal pages
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