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Are you asking yourself the right questions for success?


Overstand You is a tool for radical self-inquiry, and self-coaching, to enable you to KNOW and GROW yourself to increase your self-awareness to get ahead!


Radical Self-Inquiry is the process of answering deep and thought-provoking questions for the purpose of increasing self-awareness and personal growth.  Take off the masks, uncover your blind spots and explore the possibilities.


  • We are harnessing digital resources to upskill individuals to make a difference in how they learn about themselves, leverage this insight, set goals and review their progress.

  • Self-awareness is a key skill that can assist with achieving goals and potential in business, work and an individual's personal life, through continuous personal and professional development.

  • People who are self-aware are happier, healthier and do well in work or business, as they are conscious of their internal states and interactions with others.

  • Our mission is to impact the lives of 10 million people worldwide in the next 3 years.

Models of the Mind

Increase your self-awareness and examine, explore and challenge your mental models, unconscious beliefs and cognitive distortions.  Click on each one to explore further.

Self-Coaching Cards

Choose a card to assist you with identifying the potential cause of a problem or challenge; the reason why the problem/challenge exists; possible solutions and outcomes once implemented.  Click here to choose from over 30 cards

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Where are you lacking motivation?
Where are you the most motivated?
What motivates and inspires you to take action and be the best you can be?
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What do you need to surrender to?
What are you not prepared to give up?
How will surrendering help you to move forward?
How easily of difficult will it be?

Self-Coaching Tools

Measure Your Self-Awareness - SAQ

Take the *self-awareness quotient test, the SAQ.  The purpose is to assist you in reviewing how self-aware you are in relation to 7 different areas of life.  For each area, consider 5 aspects linked to Robert Dilts logical levels of change.  You will be provided with an overall SAQ score out of 360.  Take the test!

Choose Questions for Self Coaching

We provide hundreds of thought-provoking questions about different areas of life.  The goal is to gain self-understanding or overstanding, as you come to a place of better clarity and comprehension of self.  Answer single questions or use our question pack templates with multiple questions.

 Identify, develop and monitor goals

Self-Coaching is becoming more popular, with PWC global coaching study (2015) reporting it as the 2nd fastest-growing industry worldwide.  Take charge of your success, by using this goal-setting process to identify, set and monitor your goals. Hold yourself accountable as you map your actions and track your progress.

Personal Growth Strategies

Increasing your self-awareness allows you to know your strengths, weaknesses, triggers, blind spots and personal barriers.  This provides an opportunity to grow and transform from a position of clarity and strength.  You will have full access to our ebooks, and world-class growth strategies to help you surpass your current success.

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Janet Kaine

"I use this app every day and it has given me the chance to gather my thinking and offload my thoughts.  Some of the questions are really hard and some of them I struggle to answer, but I am learning more about myself each time."

Wayne Roberts

"No more pieces of paper and journals for me!  Not just for personal development but I also use this to get to know my business side better.  I am an entrepreneur and my business is only as good as I am. Thank you!"

Elaine Prince

"We sat in the cafe asking each other questions and my daughter and I got through a lot of them that helped us to set our goals for the next 6 months.  There are some questions that I just don't think about but are so important."

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