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Coaching gets results, so why are you not coaching yourself?
Dionne Jude
Founder, Coach & Author

Dionne is a certified NLP Master practitioner and coach, Careers Advice and Guidance practitioner, Sociologist and senior educational leader. Dionne is a  visionary leader and is an empathetic entrepreneur, who is focused on elevating human consciousness in the world.  

Dionne brands herself as the 60 minute breakthrough coach – as that is all she needs, (or less) to get to the heart of the solution for her clients.

“My purpose is to assist individuals with achieving their true potential, by using their internal resources. I have used powerful questions to help myself and others breakthrough personal barriers.”

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Ask Better Questions for a Better life, is a quick read  providing insight into the power of self-coaching and the process of asking deep and thought-provoking questions, as a process of self-inquiry. 

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