12 Questions and the Benefits of Answering Them

"Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers." Tony Robbins.

Investing time and energy into getting to know yourself more and developing yourself personally, spiritually and professionally can have massive returns.  If you desire to achieve success of any kind, discovering and removing your personal barriers makes this journey worth it.  Your state of mind and the emotions you feel have the power to shape how you experience life.

Your inner world (mindset and emotions) makes all the difference between success and failure, satisfaction and losing oneself, strengthening and powerlessness, joy and profound stress/nervousness etc.

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History applauds individuals who have overcome difficult and challenging times, with courage, perseverance, and vigour. I can only imagine that these individuals whether consciously or unconsciously used questions to inspire their actions.

Here are 12 questions and the benefits of answering them. 

Name something you are happy or are unhappy about and what decisions/choices you made that led to this result?

  • Take responsibility for your choices and what you manifest in your life.
  • Gain a clear understanding of the results you have created in your life
  • Examine what choices you have made that have led to the results

What beliefs are restricting you from making progress? E.g., I am not good enough; I don't have time.

  • Investigate your underlying values and beliefs that either limit or assist you.
  • Discover what is important to you
  • Identify the beliefs that are assisting you or restricting you
  • Find out if you have shared values and habits with the people around you.

Write down a general belief that you have about other people or the world, E.g., People can't be trusted, or life is what you make it.  How does this affect you?

  • Become aware of what you project on the world and how this affects your perception of others and situations
  • Discover how you view and interpret what happens in your life
  • Think about the possibility of opposing views and other ways of seeing things.
  • Learn from what you think about others as something that exists in you.
  • Discover how your projections shape your daily experience; influencing your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Name one thing that you would like to achieve in the next 12 months?

  • Develop goals and plan to move towards what you desire
  • Choose goals that will help you make progress in your life
  • Set goals that motivate you to take action.
  • Ensure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound – SMART

Write down one habit that you would like to change and explain when this habit kicks in (the trigger is often unconscious), E.g., Getting angry when you feel powerless, constantly checking Facebook because you feel like you are missing out (FOMO.)

  • Gain knowledge of your triggers and what causes you to feel, think and act in a certain way.
  • Understand what causes you to think or feel a certain way
  • Become aware of what things or situations set your triggers off
  • Pay attention to when your triggers are set off
  • Learn how to observe the behaviour you display once your triggers have been set off – are these helpful or not?

How do you feel on most days and what thoughts make you feel this way? e.g., Emotion = stressed; Thought = I can't cope

  • Take charge of your thoughts, feelings, words and actions
  • Become an observer of yourself
  • Learn which ones are constructive or disruptive
  • Discover ways to use them as indicators that you are on the right or wrong track
  • Create ways to positively program yourself into feeling good, e.g., affirmations

What impact would you like to have in the world and why? What will your legacy be?

Choose or discover your purpose, which will help to guide your career choices or how you can be of service.

  • Choose a purpose rather than trying to search for one
  • Create a vision based on your purpose outlining what you would like to achieve
  • Search for or create opportunities to help you experience your purpose
  • Identify how you can be of service to others.

What makes you feel happiness and a sense of inner peace.  How can you experience this more?

  • Experience more happiness, inner peace and joy in life
  • Discover what makes you feel happy, a sense of peace and joy
  • Discover what you allow to take these things away
  • Seek out or create ways to experience more of these
  • Learn to avoid or get rid of things that take them away.

Which area of your well-being requires your attention? Mental, emotional, physical, spiritual.  Name one thing you can do to improve.

  • Take care of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being
  • Challenge yourself to discover what prevents your well-being in each area.
  • Develop an understanding of what well-being looks and feels like.
  • Find practical ways to work on your well-being, e.g., fitness plan, healthy eating, meditation, etc.

What motivates you to get things done, e.g., setting goals, writing a to-do list, telling other people

  • Improving efficiency and productivity
  • Discover why you put things off
  • Devise ways to increase your motivation and action
  • Learn how to prioritize what is essential and what you can delegate
  • Work harder and smarter to maximize your time

 Imagine that you were born to experience one thing, e.g., success, happiness, helping others, abundance, etc.  Write down the experiences you would like to have.

  • Shape your life experience
  • Discover what you would like to experience in life, e.g., success, wealth, making a difference, etc.
  • Identify ways to create the experiences you desire.
  • Learn how to overcome any obstacles that prevent you from these experiences.


What are you confident at and say why? What are you not confident at and say why?

  • Increase your confidence
  • Learn what prevents you from feeling confident
  • Discover the beliefs that hold you back
  • Learn to believe in your ideas, abilities
  • Become brave and live your life as you choose, as long as it doesn't hurt you or others.


By Dionne Jude - Co-Founder Overstand You

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