At Overstand You we are harnessing digital resources to upskill individuals to make a difference in how they learn about themselves holistically: leverage this insight and set goals to review their progress.  The aim is to assist user to self-coach, to know and grow themselves, by developing skills to increase their self-awareness, meta-cognition and personal growth.  Many people hire a coach to assist with this, which can be expensive and irregular, we inspire people to ask better questions of themselves more of the time, to get better results.

Overstand You provides hundreds of thought-provoking questions and growth strategies. Users can save, edit, print and share their answers which are encrypted for security in a personal database, accessible 24/7.  However, research has taught us that Self-awareness becomes redundant if nothing is done with it, so we have developed a goal setting analysis process called GAP to enable users to identify, set and monitor goals, using what they have learned, from a position of strength.  Our content has been developed by a range of advisers who are coaches, therapists and NLP practitioners.

Our Vision

To Overstand is to have full comprehension of something.

Our vision is that self-inquiry becomes a cultural norm, impacting billions of people, as a necessary skill for personal and professional development within industry, education and our personal lives.


DIonne Jude

Creator and Founder
Creator and co-founder of Overstand You is a certified NLP Master practitioner and coach, Careers Advice and Guidance practitioner, Sociologist and senior educational leader. Dionne is a  visionary leader and is an empathetic entrepreneur, who is focused on elevating human consciousness in the world.
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Dionne speaking at Amazon HQ, UK