Exercise 1: Perceptual Positions

Perceptual Positions

Imagine that you are a fly on the wall of a disagreement with someone.  This tool helps you view things not just from your own perspective, but encourages you to see it from another person’s point of view and as an independent witness to the situation. Developed by John Grinder and Richard Bandler


Assists you with reflecting on how you think and feel about a situation and enables you to make better judgements about your contributions.


Think of a challenging situation were you and another person could not agree on something 

What did you disagree about?

Position #1 – Your own perception and position; not being aware or concerned about what other person thinks.  What is your take on the situation or topic?

Position #2 – The other person’s position; seeing the situation from the other person’s point of view – seeing things as they are seeing it.

Position #3 – The observer position – Being a fly on the wall; Viewing the situation from an independent point of view; not being involved in the situation – only being an observer.

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