Exercise 2: Vision Boards

This visualization self-development tool involves the collection of pictures, positive words and quotes and outline of your needs and desire to create a collage in order to create focus and attraction.


This tool is aimed at helping you realize, understand and keep you focused on your goals, aspirations, and desires by recording them in a visual way that you can see every day.  


  • Critically thinking about your goals and desire; What will you have achieved in your life in the next 10 years?  What do you want to be, do and have?   Remember to check in with your values!
  • You can choose a theme for your board by deciding on what you want to focus your vision on, as you can make more than one vision board, if you please. Or you can create on board to capture your ideas.
  • Collect a range of materials e.g. magazines, pictures and words on-line etc.  Or you can use a vision board app and create using technology.  The size of the vision board is up to you but the larger the better.
  • Use your vision board. The vision board should be hung on the wall where your eyes can easily view it.  The aim of creating the board is to help you remember and constantly place your focus on the things you believe you will achieve.
  • While creating yoru board, become aware of any thoughts that might prevent you from dreaming big or make you feel that what you desire is not possible. 
  • Create a plan for developing your board, especially if you have several area that you would like to incorporate.  E.g. find 5 words and 5 pictures that represent each area you are focusing on.

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