Exercise 3: The Work by Byron Katie

This is a powerful self-reflection tool that helps you to understand any problems or challenges through the use of four questions.   The process was developed by Byron Katie who has produced a judge-your-neighbour worksheet to help with the process


It helps you approach the cause of your problem or challenge with clarity. This tool is aimed at increasing our awareness of projections and contributions to the misunderstanding or situation.  Freeing individuals from suffering that is caused as a result of their thoughts about themselves, other people, situations and the world.   


Think about a situation that has caused a challenge with another person

Without trying to change how you feel about the other person, Ask yourself

  1. Is it true?  Is what you believe true?
  2. Is it absolutely true?  Is it true without any doubt or question?
  3. How does this thought make you feel? How do you react when you believe that thought?
  4. Who would I be without this thought?

And you find the turnaround; in this stage, you need to turn those your questions around for example “he doesn’t like seeing me around” when you turn it around it will be “I don’t like seeing him around”.   

5. How does this thought apply to me?  Could I be judging someone based on what I deep down believe about myself?

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