Exercise 7: Direction of Your Motivation

In NLP known as: Motivational Direction Filter.  This idea invites us to consider that people move towards or award somethingfrom motivation, as many people believe that a person is motivated or not, or are somewhere between the two.  Tony Robbins is well know for talking about this ideas as he suggests it is helpful to find out whether you are moving towards  something because you believe it will bring you pleasure or away from something because you believe it will cause you pain. 


Will help you understand which type of motivation you have, as it will determine your focus and what inspires you to take action.

Towards Motivation – if a person choose to lose weight because they want to live a healthy life, they are considered to be moving towards pleasure and possibilities, which could lead them to be pro-active.

Away From Motivation – if a person chooses to lose weight because they don’t want to die, they are considered to be moving away from pain and problems, thus they are more likely to be inspired by challenges.


To find out if you are motivated towards or away from…

What do you want in a partner/job/business/your health/__________?

What is important to you about  a partner/job/business/your health/__________?

Do your answers suggest you are moving towards or away from something?

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