Clear the Path to Your Success

Sometimes you need a little extra help to
identify, explore and move beyond the
personal barriers getting in your way.

You are one coaching session away from getting ahead in your personal, business or working life

In, just 5 simple steps discover what is holding you back, the root cause, the solution, the outcome once implemented and key action steps.   Freeing you to get out of your own way and to make progress like never before.

The truth is, many challenges in life, work and business come from internal as well as external barriers, but many people, don’t spend enough time on the INNER GAME.

What's Getting in Your Way?

Unconscious Drivers

Discover the ideas and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. These are unconscious drivers that motivate your behaviour and either assist or restrict you.

Fear of failure, success or change

Fear can hold you back and prevent you from taking action. Identify which type of fear is getting in your way and what you can do about it.

restrictive limitng beliefs

Our beliefs shape our attitudes and what we believe is possible. Most of our beliefs have been shaped early in our lives, and even though they may no longer serve us, many people do not know how to change them.

LAck of confidence and self-worth

These are some of the biggest barriers that get in people's way. The need for validation can be crippling, crushing one's self-esteem and sense of value. Discover how to rebuild your confidence and feelings of worth.

bad habits that are unhelpful

The action that you take on a daily basis can make or break you and the habits that you have can be part of the problem. Let's unpack your unhelpful habits and replace them with more assistive ones.

Client recommendations

"OMG! I have the pleasure of having a “Break Through Coaching” session with Dionne and it was so spot on that it was scary! A good scary I must say! Not only was it extremely accurate, but it also helped me to tap into a limiting belief that has been a pain in my life for a very long time! I left with clear understanding of where and when it starting, how it is affecting me now and with a detailed action plan! Dionne was patient, the right questions were asked and she was very professional. Thanks Dionne!"
Niasha Toole Keens-Douglas
"I had a 30 minute session with Dionne using ideas cards, which was phenomenal!! Her practice whilst guided allowed very much for self-direction and autonomy. I have gone on to utilise the report from the session to further develop and progress. Great service and skilled professional."
Thali Lotus
achieve your true potential

A Dedicated Coach

Your coach will work with you and will be committed to your success. Helping you uncover what you need to clear your path is their priority.

Clarity Coaching Session

A clarity session helps you to get clear on what is getting in your way and the unconsious drivers that you need to know about.

Clear focus and goals

We need to know exactly what you want to work towards and what your goals are.

Personalised Plan

After each session you will be provided with a report, which will outline your discussions and detail the next steps. We use goal-setting methodology that is effective and works.

Self-coaching resources

Overstand You provides a wealth of resources that will be available to you for the duration of your coaching program.

Pay -as-you go

Our coaches provide an option for you to text via live chat or video call, paying via credit card.

Hi, I’m Dionne, founder of Overstand You and breakthrough coach.  I have been coaching for 14 years, as a master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, time line therapy and hypnosis.  My purpose is to assist individuals to achieve their true potential, using their internal resources e.g thoughts, feelings and words – namely, their mindset.  I look forward to hearing from you and I am happy to answer any questions.

Dionne Jude

Founder, Coach and NLP Practitioner