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Recommended Question Pack Template to Complete


Increase your awareness of what's important to you 


Increase awareness of your limiting and empowering beliefs


Increase awareness of your strengths and limitations 


Increase awareness of your behavioural habits


Increase awareness of your environment and people around you

Values Inventory

50+ Questions

What are the things that are truly important to you that you value?  Knowing what our values are is crucial as they act as unconscious guidelines and principles that dictate our behaviour and actions.  Use this tool to review your values.

Limiting and Empowering Beliefs Review

14 Questions

What limiting beliefs do you have that could be restricting your progress and potential?  What empowering beliefs do you have that assist you to achieve your potential and make progress?

Skills Review

16 Questions

What skills are you good at and which ones do you need to develop further?  Take this review to map your skills, grading 40+ different types on a scale of 0 to 10 to give you a thorough overview of your skillset.

Create a new habit

20+ Questions

What habits do you have that assist or restrict you?  Conduct a review of these habits and start to develop behaviours that help you to achieve your goals, improve your life, by being clear on the actions and practising the new habits on a daily basis until fully embedded.verview of your skillset.

Life Review

30+ Questions

Which areas of life could you improve and what are the steps you will take to make better progress?  Review 17 different areas of life, assess any gaps and develop an action plan to get you to where you want to be.