Set Goals

Goal Analysis Process (GAP)

Use the Know & Grow Goal Analysis Process (GAP) tool to assist you with identifying, exploring and evaluating your goals and the actions required to assist you with achieving your desired outcomes.

The Benefits

  • Identify which areas of life you need to pay more or the most attention to
  • Get a good idea about how much time or effort you are putting into improving an area of life
  • Prioritise what is most important and gain an overview of the actions you need to take to ensure you can make progress
  • Outline your goals and assess how well you are doing over a set period
  • List the actions that you feel will be beneficial to your progress
  • Evaluate how pro-active you are in relation to your goals, motivating you to do more where necessary
  • Map your progress towards what you would like to achieve
  • Review and change your goal to enable you to make better progress if required
Step 1

Priority Identifier

Go through each area of life and identify how much action you have taken.  Record the answers as yes, no or to what degree, partially 25/50/75%.

Step 2

Set Goals

You can choose to set up to 5 SMART goals, it is usually recommended that 3-5 goals are enough to keep you focused and motivated.  

Step 3

Assess Your Progress

Assess how much you are working towards each goal and how you feel about it.   Grade yourself by choosing 0 = low and 10 = high.

Step 4

Log Your Journey

Use the journal provided to keep a record of your journey and write down your ideas about your thought processes and inner strategies. 

Step 1 - Complete the GAP Priority Identifier

Use this template to assist you with identifying what you need to focus on the most.  For each area on the left hand side choose the best option that fits with your current situation and use this information to guide your next step of setting goals.

  • Choose yes if you have taken action and completed the area
  • Choose partially 25/50/75% if you have started but not finished
  • Choose no if you have not started.

Step 2 - Set Your Goals