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  • 10 Tips to Get Your Business Started on Social Media
    “Social Media doesn’t work for my business.” I hear this sort of thing all the time. Whether it’s direct to consumer (DTC), business to business (B2B), or even selling an in-person service, the simple truth is that social media is an extremely powerful tool that can 10x your business at a fraction of the cost […]
    Skyler Irvine
  • 9 Ways to Be the World’s Best Boss to Yourself as an Entrepreneur
    Do you remember that scene in the very first episode of The Office where Michael Scott talks about why he’s such an amazing boss and then shows his World’s Best Boss mug… that he bought for himself? Confession: I am an entrepreneur (technically a solopreneur) and I bought myself a World’s Best Boss mug! It’s […]
    Christine Lynn
  • A Simple but Effective Technique to Be More Confident
    Many people want to learn how to be confident in different situations, but it’s not always easy. Maybe we’re too addicted to comparing ourselves or maybe social media has brainwashed us to believe that we should all be rich, famous, and in incredible shape. Anyway, today I’d like to share a simple yet super effective […]
    Veikko Arvonen
  • How Your Friends Determine Whether You Succeed or Not
    Can anyone do without having friends? We all have our friends, we share ideas with them, talk together, have fun, and fight. Yes, that’s the baseline of friendship. But, do you know that aside from you, your friends can determine whether you achieve success or not? There are two things in friendship which are the […]
  • The 3 Step Process to Building a Profitable Pitch
    As a communication coach, one of the top questions entrepreneurs ask me is how to deliver a winning pitch to potential investors. They want to know if there’s a magic formula to get an investor to say yes and buy into their dream and their business. While there isn’t a “magic” formula, there is a […]
    Monique Maley

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  • 3 Steps to Successful Personal Growth & Goal-Setting in the New Year
    There are a lot of New Year’s plans we make, only to break them come February. This may be a result of thinking short-term and setting unrealistic goals that are easy to shrug off when they aren’t met. Strategic long-term planning allows you to shoot for personal and professional goals within reach. As we continue […]
    Noah Rue
  • How Intuitive Are You? Take Our Intuition Test Today And Find Out!
    Do you ever wonder if you can rely on your intuition? Or even, whether you’re intuitive at all? This is an important question as trusting our “6th sense” becomes more popular and sought after in work and relationships. Are you someone who goes by the book relying solely on logic or do you follow your […]
    FinerMinds Team
  • 12 Healthy Snacks That Are Actually Delicious (with Recipes)
    Trying to resist the temptation of snacking in between meals is extremely hard. If you have skipped dinner or had an early bite, grabbing a sandwich or chips late at night is also something many of us do. But going for traditional favorite snacks like pizza, French fries, crisps, and other greasy and unhealthy foods […]
    Fiona Adams
  • 8 Effective Yoga Asanas To Keep Your Bones Healthy
    Yoga is a practical treatment option that is thought to have a lot of health benefits for those who practice it. Numerous studies have shown that regular yoga asanas can improve strength, balance, muscle mass, coordination, agility, and energy level. All these benefits can counter as Extra resources on the effects of osteoporosis in older […]
    Dr. Lucas MD
  • Positive and Negative Relationship Traits of the 12 Zodiac Signs
    “You are a typical Leo!”, “Well, you are certainly a real Scorpio.” You have probably heard people saying sentences like these, and you couldn’t help but wonder what is a typical Leo like, a Virgo, a Scorpio or any zodiac sign. Well, the zodiac signs of astrology have unique traits that people identify with. All […]
    Monica Gill