Sell, Serve, Success

Get Paid to Coach Adding a Profitable Revenue Stream to your Website and Social Media

We are looking for the best coaches who provide the best transformations

Design your program/course

There are many people who have great ideas and ambitions, but find it difficult to get things done. Create a program that can help clients breakthrough personal barriers, make progress and achieve their potential

Connect with clients on and offline

You can support your clients using a range of strategies, using technology, resources and via conversations. You have the freedom to create your program the way you choose.

Commit to excellence with real transformation

We want to work with the best coaches who can provide real transformation for their clients. There is a place for motivation, however out approach is about providing real change and transformation.

The Tools

Create Your Profile

Create a profile to share your knowledge, skills and experience. Add any qualifications and credentials and membership organisations. Showcase what you do and share client testimonials.

your Coaching program

After naming your program, think about the different steps that your clients will go through and how you will deliver this. Create as many different programs as you would like.

Develop a course/Program

We have provided you with the ability to create unlimited online courses and to outline your program using the course structure. All payments will be taken by clients signing up to your courses and programs.

Payment and Commision

Set your own price and when clients sign up for your programs/courses, the platform processes payment on your behalf. Payment will be 80% for all of our coaches ad 20% will be retained as our commission. There are no monthly fees.

Schedule coaching sessions

We appreciate how busy you are and keeping on top of clients and schedules is important. Use our online scheduling tools for booking sessions when needed.

Live chat and text support

We have partnered with a third party provider to enable you to charge to live and video chat, if additional sessions are required. You can also use this tools independently from your program, choosing your hours and prices.

Creating Content

Share your knowledge and wisdom that you can teach others.

Key terms and conditions

1. All content should be of a professional quality that is well-written
2. Include images and videos that are royalty-free and/or that you have the permission to share or distribute. Images and videos should be appropriately credited to the original source.
3. Courses should be to the point and concise to keep the attention of learners
4. We are seeking rich content that will make an impact in the lives of learners
5. Refrain from using plagiarised information and ensure you have permission or have credited the author.
6. Once you sign up you will receive access to the dashboard and can start adding information straight away.
7. You must include information about yourself 

 All of course creators retain full copyright and can share their course as widely as they choose. Overstand You may promote your course to increase ‘readership.’

By accepting this Content Agreement and in consideration of our promoting your content, you are agreeing to the following:

– You affirm, represent, and warrant that you are the owner of the Content, including words, images and video, or that you have the necessary licenses, rights, consents.

– You grant permission to Overstand You to promote your Content. You also affirm, represent, and warrant that the Content does not vest in some third party (e.g. your employer, if the Content was created by you in the course of your employment).

– You retain all full copyright and ownership rights to your Content. You can remove the information when you choose and request deletion of associated profiles and account information.

—  You agree to the terms of our Privacy & Cookies Policy. In particular, you agree that when we promote your content, we may share your business information, which can allow external parties to get in contact with you.

We look forward to partnering with you. 

Instructor Tools

The Overstand You platform contains various tools to assist our instructors with developing courses, quickly and easily.

Course creation tools

Easy to use course builder – drag and drop features
Add titles, sub-titles and objectives
Courses can be unlimited in length e.g. 4 to 20 + lessons
Add video content, as well as text
Create unlimited courses
Charge the price you want
Create a profile about your skills and experience

Assessment tools

Create a quiz at the end of each course
Enable learners to upload assignments
Add editable PDF files, that can be saved
Provide certificates for course completion
Awards points for those who successfully complete the course

Build a community

Create a group around your content
Allow learners to share ideas and tips with others
Build a forum that learners can comment in
Connect with other instructors and professionals
Network and message with people in the community

Commission Structure

In summary, our commission structure is as follows: The instructor keeps 70% of the revenue and we keep 30%.
For each transaction, there is a payment processing fee of 2% that we will cover ourselves. In actuality, we only collect approximately 27% of the revenue from each course. This revenue will mainly be used for admin, marketing and general management of the platform.
You will also have the ability to invite students with coupon codes. Please reach out to us for this process.