Tired of “Not Achieving Goals or Getting Results"?

Tired of planning to do great things but you keep getting in your way?

Feeling you should be way ahead of where you are right now?

Are you not focused enough, allowing life to get in the way?


The Secret of Becoming The Best Version of Yourself is Right Here in Front of You…


I know what it feels like to wake up in the morning and feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, struggling to even make it out of bed.


During days like those even showering feels like an accomplishment.


“What kind of life is this?” I used to ask myself.


Dragging yourself to the mirror only to think how much of a failure you are… worthless.


I used to be in the exact same shoes… until I decided that it was enough.


We were put in this world for a reason and, sometimes, finding it takes longer than others do.

The day I realised this, my whole life turned upside down… for the better.


I no longer felt the invisible chains attached to my ankle and I could finally go out and walk around as a free and confident person.


I discovered the secret that released me from my mental prison and transformed me into a completely new person:




As silly as it may seem at first, Journaling has been demonstrated to work on anyone that suffers from any sort of mental health issues.


That’s why I created Overstandyou.com to help not only myself, but also other people that are stuck in the same position I used to be.


Working on this project has been my lifetime mission since the day it came to life, about 3 years ago.


What’s truly remarkable is the number of people (more than 1,000 up to date) who managed to slay their inner demons and became the captain of their own boats, after a life spent being depressed and feeling hopeless.


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Imagine waking up every morning feeling the happiest you’ve ever been, knowing that it was You who took action and made the change.


Happy and fulfilled as you now get to design your days the way you always wanted them to be.



Is this the life you want?

If yes, then it’s time to make that change


Here’s what you’ll find inside the platform:


  • Videos and Exercises to Boost your Development


  • Real Strategies and Tools to Help yourself Grow



  • Powerful Self-Questions to find out the root of the cause with the possibility of adding your own questions


  • A Morning Journal to review your thoughts and feelings from previous days and track progress to check improvement


  • Coaching Cards to get you inspired and come up with ideas


  • FREE Self-Awareness test to assess how far you’ve come during your journey


  • Self-Help and Personal Development eBooks


  • Self-Care meditation sessions


  • Much Much More…



I know that this is a giant step for you, that’s why you are covered by my “FREE 90-Day subscription” Guarantee so that you don’t have to pay a dime until you are fully confident about the benefits of the Self Coach Tool Box.


If You Are Ready to Change Your Life (Only you can!), Then One Simple Click Will Make the Difference





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