Worksheets with exercises to assist you with reflecting on your thoughts, feelings, words and actions.  You can download and complete each PDF template and save to your computer.

Purpose Worksheets

Being Positive Exercise

How are you relating to your experiences today?

Purpose Exercise

Identify and explore what your purpose in life is

Decisions Exercise

Assess how you make decisions in your life

Mission Exercise

Discover, develop and align with your mission?

Contributing Exercise

How are you making positive contributions?

Intention Exercise

Be aware of your intentions and how they impact your actions

Career Worksheets

Busy Schedule Exercise

How do you take care of yourself when you are busy?

Team Work Exercise

Assess your contribution to the teams you work with

Organise Time Exercise

How do you manage your time effectively?

Your Time Exercise

Evaluate how you spend your time at work

Career Values Exercise

Explore what's important to you in your working life

Assertiveness Exercise

Explore how you speak up to be heard in work