Personal SWOT Analysis


Assisting you with identifying and exploring your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This is a tool that is usually used in business but can be used to look at internal and external factors that can assist or restrict you along the way.

Once you complete the process you will have an overview of the areas that you are doing well in and the areas that require your attention in order for you to grow.

The Process

  1. Start with identifying what you are good at - these are your internal strengths.
  2. Explore the areas that you need to develop in, which come from your internal weaknesses or limitations.
  3. List the external opportunities that are available to you, which you can engage with to make progress.
  4. Discover the external threats to making progress and developing you.  This may be other people or things in your environment.

Key Tips

  • Revisit your SWOT analysis at regular intervals to refresh the ideas and to provide yourself with a personal feedback loop.
  • If you are finding it difficult to find things about yourself, ask people that you know for constructive feedback.
  • Use the information that you discover to inform or create an action plan to assist with making progress.
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