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Join Dionne, Genevieve and guests as they explore life questions from the website and apply them to themselves.  They also share tips and quotes to inspire growth.

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Episode 1 - Where did it all start?


Join Dionne the founder as she shares where she got the idea from for Overstand You.  Listen as Dionne also shares her top three questions.

Episode 3 - Why Life Questions Are So Powerful?

We ask questions every day, but often unconsciously. Join Dionne as she discusses why using questions can be a tool for personal growth.  Look out for the question for the week!

Episode 6 - What Would You Do Differently If You Knew Nobody Would Criticise you?

Many people fail to live their dream life because they fear what others will say or how family members or spouses may react.  Listen as we discuss our ideas and experiences.

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