Question Packs – Multiple Questions

How to use each template

Each template is made up of multiple questions focused on assisting you with reviewing, assessing, outlining or thinking through an aspect of your personal or professional life.  The aim is to assist you with self-inquiry and introspection.  The questions and grading will help to draw out information about yourself, however putting this information to use is key.  You will get the most out of using these tools if you implement any findings and if you put into motion any action steps that you write about when using each process (where applicable.)

SWOT Analysis

15+ Questions

Do you know what you are good at or need to work on?  Use this tool to assist you with identifying your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats relating to the area of life you choose to assess.  

Relationships Review

50+ Questions

In each and every relationship that you have, the common denominator is you. Answer these questions to gain clarity on what's important to you, see what you need to work on, and discover how you can be the best partner that you can be.

Map Your Ideal Career

50+ Questions

What is your next career move or rock star title?  When thinking about a career change or a position jump within your existing company, take some time to think about your current life, your future goals, things that may help or hinder your progress. 

Vision Statement

15 Questions

Complete this question pack to start developing your own vision and mission statement.  Imagine that 50 years have passed and you have achieved everything that you have planned.  Outline your long term goals and final destinations.

Confidence Booster #1

12 Questions

Use these questions to help you boost your confidence; to discover what is getting in your way and to develop ideas about how to overcome personal barriers and outline action steps to move forward

Challenge -ve Self-Talk

18 Questions

How does your inner voice prevent you from making progress?  Identify and challenge your negative thoughts and self-talk that live in your mind -  to help you confront unhelpful beliefs and habits. Once you start thinking better about yourself your confidence will soar.

Resources for Entrepreneurs

Questions Packs

Question packs for entrepreneurs and businesses to map, evaluate and plan.  Answer a range of questions from business planning, mapping your ideal customer to identifying your perfect business strategies.

Gratitude Journal

10 Questions

Take some time to think about the things you are grateful for and truly appreciate in life.  Even on those days when you can't think of anything positive, there will still be things you can be grateful for.  This template assists you to think about what those things might be.

Skills Review

40+ Questions

What skills are you good at and which ones do you need to develop further?  Take this review to map your skills, grading 40+ different types on a scale of 0 to 10 to give you a thorough overview of your skillset.

Interview Prep. Questions

50+ Questions

Be well prepared for your next interview and get a head start on everyone else.  With over 50+ questions you can improve your answers over time, conduct research and add to your answers until you have the best responses possible.

Values Inventory

50+ Questions

What are the things that are truly important to you that you value?  Knowing what our values are is crucial as they act as unconscious guidelines and principles that dictate our behaviour and actions.  Use this tool to review your values.

Overcome Fears Review

15+ Questions

What fears do you have that could be holding you back?  Complete these questions to assist you with reviewing what scares you, and prevents you from taking action.  Then discover ways to overcome what might be getting in your way.

Confidence Booster #2

10+ Questions

Take time to remember your qualities, characteristics, talents, skills, virtues. Remind yourself of the things that are great about you and write a list down of all the things using this template.  Use this to boost your confidence.

Receiving Support

21 Questions

Who can assist and support you in your life to achieve success?  There are many people who are willing to help you achieve your goals in life and these questions assist you with creating an understanding of who can help and how you will benefit.  Along with removing any barriers.

28 Day Challenge

Questions Packs

Set yourself a 28 day challenge and  make a comment on your actions and progress each day using this template.  Decide on something you would like improve or change and commit to keeping track of how things go.

Limiting Beliefs

14 Questions

A limiting belief is an idea that can restrict you from achieving your true potential.  The belief is usually unconscious, dis-empowering and negative and is sometimes based on fear,  may not be true or based in reality. Take time to explore what your limiting and empowering beliefs are.

Life Review

50+ Questions

Which areas of life could you improve and what are the steps you will take to make better progress?  Review 17 different areas of life, assess any gaps and develop an action plan to get you to where you want to be.

Goal Setting Grow Model

50+ Questions

The GROW model is a framework used by many coaches and individuals to help them to gain clarity about goals.  Use this to change, improve or achieve something. Identify your goals, figure out how to achieve them, and make your goals a reality.

Map Your Ideal Business

50+ Questions

Before launching a new business, take some time to think about your existing life, your future goals, things that may change or that could help or hinder your ideas.  Map your current ideas about what type of business you would like to run before you start.

Learn From Mistakes

9 Questions

When things go wrong and you make mistakes, you have a great opportunity to learn from what has happened.  Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone learns from them.  Take some time to reflect and review what you can do differently.

Assertiveness Review

17 Questions

Being assertive is a communication style in which you say what is on your mind, stand up for yourself while being respectful. These questions will help you work through ways you to become more assertive. 

Create a New Habit

16 Questions

What habits do you have that assist or restrict you?  Conduct a review of these habits and start to develop behaviours that help you to achieve your goals, improve your life, by being clear on the actions and practising the new habits on a daily basis until fully embedded.

Dream Catcher

Questions Packs

Write down and capture your dreams, especially any that reoccur of seem real.  Once you have recorded them, take time to discover the meaning, significance and relevance to your life, where applicable.

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Challenging -ve Self Talk #2

-- Questions

Use these questions to challenge negative thoughts and develop more healthy ways to create balanced thoughts that are more constructive and helpful to you making progress.

Taking Control Booster

-- Questions

Teach yourself how to be more controlled by reflecting on what is happening in the moment.  Discover ways to challenge your thoughts, gaining a  different perspective that will help you with taking the right action.

Problem Solver

-- Questions

This is a guide to assist you with working through a problem or challenge you are facing in 8 steps.  Use these questions to help you figure out a plan and a way forward.