Question Starters – Creating Your Own Questions

question woman

We ask ourselves questions every day, mostly unconsciously.  Here are a few ways to start your questions...

  • What?
  • Shall…
  • Why?
  • Did…
  • When?
  • Was…
  • Where?
  • Are…
  • Which?
  • Might…
  • Who?
  • Is…
  • How?
  • Can?
  • Does?
  • Do?
  • Has?
  • Should?
  • Could?
  • Would?
  • Will?

By Dionne Jude - Co-founder of Overstand You

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What does Overstand mean?

The urban dictionary defines the word Overstand in the following ways;
‘The state of mind that emerges when all illusions those in the conscious and subconscious mind are removed;
The intellectual state free from mis/disinformation, propaganda, lies and deception; a grasp of the whole truth.
Human beings’ natural state of mind undisturbed by the ego.’
I believe that all three of the above can happen as a result of…