Self Coach Program July

Here are the full range of tools available to assist you with self coaching.

30 Day Challenge

Increase your self-awareness, clarity and focus by taking part in the challenge, which provides you with an opportunity to use the majority of tools on the platform.

Answer questions to increase self-awareness

Single Questions

What makes you tick?  Get to know yourself better and assess your barriers by answering questions from 9 different categories e.g. career/business, relationships etc.

Add Questions

Create your own collection of questions by adding your own questions.

Question Templates

Conduct an in-depth analysis into a specific area of your life with multiple packaged questions, such as life review, SWOT analysis, values inventory.

Learn Froms

Capture what you've learned from books, videos, quotes etc.  

Morning Journal

Start your day the right way and focus your mindset.  Write about what you are grateful for; review your well being; choose a focus and mantra for the day; add a journal entry.

Coaching Cards

Use these coaching cards with words and images to help you develop new ideas.

25 Questions

These are questions that anyone who is committed to personal growth, should know the answer to.  25 deep and thought-provoking question to know yourself.

Question Roulette

Think about a challenge and choose a random card for insightful questions.

Set goals and monitor your progress

Set Goals

Identify, explore and evaluate your goals and the actions required to achieve outcomes.

Review Goals

Conduct a P.A.U.S.E review to see how much progress you are making towards your goals.

Take the self-awareness test

How self aware are you?

Take the test to see how much self-awareness you have; whether you are starting out, on your way or are in a good place.  

Improve Your SAQ Score

Increase yourself awareness by answering questions contained in each of the question packs.

Tools for growth

Growth Strategies

The best personal development strategies by completing the exercises and watching the videos for guidance. 

Personal Growth Worksheets

Worksheets with exercises to assist you with reflecting on your thoughts, feelings, words and actions.  You can download and complete each PDF template and save to your computer.


Self Help Ebooks

Read and download a range of self help and personal development books.