Uncover what's getting in your way and holding you back!

Are you self-coaching effectively?  If not, you are missing out!

Book cover April 2020

Ask Better Questions for a Better life, is a quick read to providing an insight into the power of self-coaching and the process of asking deep and thought-provoking questions, as a process of self-inquiry.  Coaching is a powerful method of personal development.

In this book, I share the processes that I have used to assist myself and others with achieving goals and to identify, explore and move beyond internal and external barriers.  After suffering from anxiety in my twenties, the greatest gift I have given to myself is how to cultivate a sense of inner peace, which is largely down to understanding (or overstanding), my unconscious drivers and how they contribute to my thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

The book includes:

  • What is self-coaching?

  • The benefits

  • Tips for how to self-coach

  • Journalling for personal development

  • A self-coaching model

  • Questions and the benefits of answering them