Question Roulette


Think about a question or area of life you would like to explore.  Click on a card and think about how the word and questions relate to you.

Overstand You


What change is happening?

What change needs to happen? 

How are you resisting change?

How's change a positive thing right now?

How does change make you feel?

Overstand You


How are you not satisfied yet?

What makes you feel satisfied?  

How will you know when you are satisfied? 

How are you getting in your own way? 


Overstand You


How can information help right now?

What information do you need?

What are you doing with the information you have?

What information is useful or not useful?

Where can you get the information?

Overstand You


What do you love or not love about this?

How is love showing up right now?

How is love not showing up right now?

How are you giving or receiving love? 

What personal barriers get in the way of you being love?


Overstand You


How do you use your power?

How serious do you take the responsibility?

Where do you need to show more strength?

Who has power over you?

Where/when do you feel powerless?

Overstand You


What is chaotic in your life?

How have you contributed to the chaos?

Who else has contributed?

What needs to change?

What lesson can you learn from the chaos that currently exists or existed?

Overstand You


What needs to be completed?

What has come to an end?

How can you finish what you started?

Who else is involved?

What will this completion help you to start something new?


Overstand You


What do you need to surrender to?

What are you not prepared to give up?

How will surrendering help you to move forward?

How easily of difficult will it be?

Who is involved?

Overstand You

Self Worth

How much self worth do you have?

How do you show your value through your behaviour?

How can you increase your self-worth?

What makes you feel worthy?

Who has contributed to how you feel?

Overstand You

Self Worth

How much self worth do you have?

How do you show your value through your behaviour?

How can you increase your self-worth?

What makes you feel worthy?

Who has contributed to how you feel?

Overstand You


How often do you listen to your intuition?

When have you not listened to your intuition?  What was the outcome?

What's your intuition telling you? 

How can you improve your intuition?

How are you ignoring your intuition?

Overstand You


What guidance do you need?

Why do you need guidance right now?

Who can you give guidance to?

What guidance are you not listening to?

How will the guidance you receive help you make progress?

Overstand You


What makes you feel peaceful?

How are you getting in the way? 

What does inner peace feel like?

Whose peace are you disturbing?

If you had more peace how would things be different?

Overstand You


What sacrifices have you made?

What sacrifices do you need to make?

How has or could this help you?

Who has benefited from the sacrifices you have made?

Why might sacrifices be necessary? 

Overstand You


What do you need to let go of?

What is stopping you?

What needs to happen for you to let go? 

What methods of releasing can you use?

What are the possibilities once you release?


Overstand You


Where are you lacking motivation?

Where are you the most motivated?

What motivates and inspires you to take action and be the best you can be?

How can you motivate others?

What are you moving towards or away from?

Overstand You


How can you increase openness?

What do you need to communicate to be more open?

Who needs to be more open with you?

What truth are you not speaking?

Whose truth are you not respecting?

Overstand You


What is currently unbalanced?

How can you improve balance?

Why is balance important to you right now?

What will increase balance assist you with being, doing or having in life?


Overstand You


What or who are you sacred of?

What do you think will happen?

How are you responding to this fear?

How is this fear holding you back?

What are the possibilities once you overcome this fear?

Overstand You


What are you grateful for?

How do you show it?

How can you show your appreciation for the people in your life?

How are you not grateful?

How can you increase your gratitude?

Overstand You


Who do you need to forgive? 

What do you need to forgive them for?

What do you need to forgive yourself for?

How is not forgiving helping you?

How can forgiving help set you free?

Overstand You


How determined are you?

Where are you not as determined?

What are the results of your determination?

What is driving you?

How can you help others be determined?

Overstand You


How do you or others need to advance?

What is stopping you from advancing?

Who is getting in your way?

How have you moved on or not?

What does advancement look like to you?

Overstand You


What are you accepting?

What do you need to accept?

What are you not accepting?

What do you not accept about yourself?

How will things be different if you embrace acceptance?

Overstand You

New Beginngins

Is a new start what you need?

How could you start again?

What is getting in your way?

What does a new beginning look like?

Who will or won't be involved in your new beginning?

Overstand You


What choices do you need to make?

What are the options?

What's stopping you? 

How do you feel about making decisions?

Do you trust yourself to make the right choice?

Overstand You


Where are you seeking justice?

What is not fair or unbalanced?

How can you contribute to things being more fair?

Who's involved and how can the balance be addressed?

How are you contributing?

Overstand You


What is the purpose or role of this in your life?

What is your purpose?

How does this link to a higher purpose?

How are you fulfilling your purpose?

Who can you help fulfill their purpose?

Overstand You


What do you desire?

What is missing?

How do you express and communicate your desire?

Who do you desire this with?

In what ways are your desires uncontrollable?

Overstand You


What do you feel guilty about?

What is the purpose of this guilt?

Where did this guilt stem from? 

How is this guilt helping or harming you?

What will assist you with overcoming this guilt?

Overstand You


How trusting are you?

Who or what do you not trust?

How does not trusting get in your way?

How trustworthy are you as a person and what would other people say?

How can you increase your trust?

Overstand You


Where is abundance flowing?

Where is abundance not flowing?

What is getting in the way of your abundance?

How do you feel about being wealthy?

What needs to happen next?

Overstand You

Comfort Zone

Where are you in your comfort zone?

Is this positive or negative?

Where do you need to come out of your comfort zone?

What is keeping you there?

what do you need to do differently?

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