What does Overstand mean?

The urban dictionary defines the word Overstand in the following ways;

The state of mind that emerges when all illusions those in the conscious and subconscious mind are removed;

The intellectual state free from mis/disinformation, propaganda, lies and deception; a grasp of the whole truth.

Human beings' natural state of mind undisturbed by the ego.'

Reflection man

I believe that all three of the above can happen as a result of...

1. Knowing yourself through the process of self-inquiry, focused inwards exploring your conscious and unconscious minds.

2. Knowing how to use knowledge of self to create the life you would like to experience, using your thoughts, feelings, words and actions to make things happen.

3. Knowing one's cultural history, history of the world and the development of social institutions to learn about what impact and contribution these events, ideologies and structures have contributed to shaping your identity and understanding of self.
(Due to the vastness of this topic this books will not cover this aspect.)

Overstand You focuses on the first two processes outlined above.

1. Knowing yourself through self-inquiry using the power of questions.

2. Creating yourself pro-actively, as a result of your choices, decisions
and actions

Throughout history, there have been civilizations, such as ancient Kemetic Egypt (1000s of years BC), where the concept of ‘Know Thyself' was an integral part of the fabric of society and culture. Individuals were taught to gain an understanding of self, which they applied to access higher realms of thought, spirituality, enlightenment, and overall well-being.  This concept was later adopted by the Greeks and other cultures who valued self-knowledge as a form of education.  Unfortunately, knowledge of self doesn't have the same value in some places in the world today.

By Dionne Jude - co-founder of Overstand You

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