16 Reasons Why People Shy Away From Questions

Asking and answering personal questions is not everyone's cup of tea.  Even though questions have the power to promote insight, self-awareness and personal growth - not everyone wants to embark on that journey.

Below I provide several reasons why some people shy away from answering questions.

Overstand You aims to provide thought-provoking questions for individuals, so they can take responsibility for their own self-exploration in a safe and personalised way.


The reasons why people shy away from questions are...

  1. Fear of not knowing the correct answer
  2. Fear of getting the answer wrong
  3. Uncovering something they do not want to know or hear
  4. Unearthing  and bringing up the past
  5. Uncovering something they have buried and do not wish to explore
  6. Having to think about something they feel embarrassed about
  7. Fear of sounding silly
  8. Not wanting to outshine others
  9. Taboo questions – things they don't talk about
  10. Denial about what is happening or has happened
  11. Trauma and shock about what has or is taking place
  12. Resistance to change  by ignoring possibilities
  13. Believe that finding answers won't work
  14. Opens old wounds
  15. Don't want change – even if they are unhappy - staying in comfort zone
  16. Fear of failure or fear of success etc.

What things do you not want to question?

What scares you about confronting or answering these questions?

By Dionne Jude Co-founder - Overstand You

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